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Faber Castell Wallet Pitt Pens

Hi guys, welcome to my Faber Castell Wallet Pitt Pen Nibs Art Set,   Card Ink pens review, if you've never visited my website before then you should know I'm a bit of an art geek, being a self-taught artist I'm fully aware just how hard product research can be,. That is why I spent a lot of time putting together this website to help you make the right decision. Alright without further adieu before I talk your ear off,, here's a list of some of my top picks based on some of my personal favorites and customer recommendations, let's l get started.                   

Faber Castell Wallet Pitt Pen Nibs Art Set, Assorted

                                                                                                                               These are some of the cheaper art pens on the list but can still achieve a pretty amazing result, 

Really enjoyed using these pens for my quicker rough sketches, the brush pen was definitely the highlight for me in purchase.

great for detail, great art pen for beginners however in my opinion I feel that the smaller nib pens are most effective in a straight upright position which can a definite problem for artist who are a little more fast paste.

This is not a bad artist pen, I spent many Hours with these, but I do feel that there more targeted towards beginners

Brief summary

Postive affordable

positive ink dries quickly

positive great variety 

positive great for beginners

Negative nibs can wear out pretty fast