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Prisma color premier illustration markers review

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Prisma color premier illustration markers

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Alright without further adieu before I talk your ear off, here's a list of some of my top picks based on some of my personal favorites and customer recommendations, Let's get started.                                                                                                                                

PRISMA COLOR PREMIER PENS                                                                                                          Prisma color premier illustration markers                    

I had received these guys as an unexpected Christmas gift, and boy! was I  impressed with these artist pens, as I said these were a Christmas gift but I think they offer an absolutely amazing value for the price.

They come with a large variety of different sizes, plus a brush pen! which is my personal favorite, EXTREMELY Great ink flow, in my opinion, dances right across the paper, and LET ME TELL YOU THIS

If you're like me and your constantly rubbing your clumsy hand across your paper or trying to erase your pencil guidelines, then GUESS WHAT! they have a highly smudge resistant feature! I had licked my pen strokes and they had a hard time smudging If you can relate to anything I said above you might want to check these out, In the photo below you'll see the drawing challenge I did with these amazing pens. CLICK HERE TO VIEW  PENS REVIEWS. 



Tip types and colors selected specifically for drawing flawless Manga artwork Richly pigmented black and sepia ink is acid free, lightfast, permanent, water resistant, smear resistant when dry and doesn’t bleed through paper Fine tips create crisp details, chisel tip provides broad coverage and a flexible brush tip for creating thick, thin or varied lines in one stroke 6 Black markers with 005, 05, 03 and 08 fine tips plus brush and chisel tips 2 Sepia markers with 005 fine and brush tips


Positive Lightweight.

Positive Great ink flow

Positive Highly smudge resistant

Positive Excellent darkness.

Negative After many layers can bleed through thinner paper.

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