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Sakura Pigma 30062 Micron Blister Card Ink pens review

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 If you've never visited my website before then you should know I'm a bit of an art geek, being a self-taught artist I'm fully aware just how hard product research can be. That is why I spent a lot of time putting together this website to help you make the right decision. Alright without further adieu before I talk your ear off, here's a list of some of my top picks based on some of my personal favorites and customer recommendations, Let's get started




These were some of the first art pens I got for myself, and have not regretted since! Extremely good for drafting projects very good line work, great for the precision, very thin lines perfect for precise detail.





A very smooth experience , absolutely no skipping, very rich black ink to that helps achieve consistent lettering and lines widths. Professional inking pens used by comic artists, illustrators, watercolor artists, archivists, and laboratory professionals. Pigma ink is archival quality on paper: waterproof, chemical resistant, fade resistant, bleed free, quick drying and pH neutral. No smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers. Precise line widths make this fine line pen set ideal for drawing and writing.













On the negative side, after a long time of having these pens, I found the nibs to be pretty fragile, resulting in splitting and shrinking nibs, now this could have been a cause of using the pens to roughly, but is definitely something to keep in mind.

This are one of my if not my favorite artist pen and are definitely A must for anyone who's looking to create serious artwork.

Micron ink pens 

Brief summary

Positive great for detailing

Positive great price

Positive lightweight

Negative nibs are a bit fragile 

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