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Sharpie pen artist reivew

Hi guys, welcome to my sharpie pen artist review,

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if you've never visited my website before then you should know I'm a bit of an art geek, being a self-taught artist I'm fully aware just how hard product research can be. That is why I spent a lot of time putting together this website to help you make the right decision. Alright without further adieu before I talk your ear off, here's a list of some of my top picks based on some of my personal favorites and customer recommendations, let's get started


Sharpie permanent markers

I think we've all stumbled across these guys, and I think they're worth my time reviewing, this permanent marker holds a special place in my heart among my other materials, anytime I'm looking to do a quick sketch on a long trip or sitting in the movie theater or just jolting down my latest Idea for a character these have been my saving grace.


comes with a fine point great for drawing on paper, plastic, and even metal, these qualities really give the sharpie an advantage in sketchbook's SEE YOUTUBE CHANNEL  (SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE)

Sharpie permanent markers



these things are endlessly versatile! the resist fading, dry quickly. and come in a variety of different colors for those who get bored, for an office pen the sharpies are way better than they should be, and I think is something everyone should have. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THESE GUYS!



Positive endlessly versatile

Positive inexpensive

Positive great for quicker studies

Positive very bold strokes

negative very dark ink can bleed straight through lighter page sketchbooks